We hope you will enjoy meeting our rescue animals during your stay. We currently have two donkeys – Pelagia and her daughter Luna but watch this space as they were joined last summer for a while by male donkey Menyio so it’s possible we may see a baby this summer…..we shall have to wait and see! You will often see them from your balcony when they have fun romping around on the land beside the hotel. You will certainly hear them braying when it’s feeding time or Billy goes to talk to them!

Joining them are our rescued goats and sheep- all found on the mountain without a mother and in desperate need of help. We had to bottle feed them and give them a lot of love as they would never have survived otherwise. We also have several geese, ducks and hens but sadly we lost our rooster this winter to a “kounavi” or beech marten- a particularly fierce local predator which causes a lot of damage and has a habit of sneaking in to chicken coops and killing every one of them. For this reason all our chickens, geese and ducks have to sleep inside their houses to keep them safe every night.

We also have many tortoises living in the flower bed beside the pool – some were rescued years ago and have gone on to lay eggs meaning we now have numerous tortoises of all different sizes. They love lettuce and you are welcome to feed them but we do ask that you don’t pick them up as they can easily be dropped by mistake.

Many guests ask if they can feed carrots to the donkeys but our donkeys definitely prefer apples! If you would like to know what all the animals like to eat as treats please ask Billy as they will definitely be very happy to receive a treat!

In the winter months we love to take the goats with us for long beach walks at Mounda beach and occasionally when we get time we like to take them in the summer too as they love to cool off in the sea!